Symposium objectives

The goals of the symopsium are:

  • Report and share among the participant experience with institutional LA solutions. How LA is supporting learning and success?
  • Familiarize participants with different existing institutional LA solutions to address drop-out;
  • Identify challenges and good practices;
  • Bring together researchers, practitioners, educational developers and policymakers.

This will allow:

  • For novice participants, to learn about the field and get involved;
  • For more expert participants, to share their experiences and receive feedback;
  • To facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration among the participants from different backgrounds like governance, researchers, teachers, and so on.

In this way, we aim to advance the field and discuss challenges and issues related to the institutional LA and student dropout. All accepted contributions will be published in the “LAK Companion Proceedings”. The outcomes of the workshop will be published on the workshop’s website. A further intended outcome is the joint publication of a handbook (with extended contributions from the participants) that will report and reflect on the symposium’s contributions and discussions as well as on envisioning the future of institutional analytics.

This symposium will emphasize the design and adaptation of robust, sustainable and transferable strategies for the future. To that end, we aim to report and guide each other in the following directions:

  • Defining a solid basis for ethics, data privacy and compliance for the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
  • Integrating the stakeholders in the loop and putting the students in the center;
  • Promoting a holistic approach where reducing dropout is not only an institutional matter but a shared goal among stakeholders;
  • Closing the loop to assess and provide evidence about the added value that strategies have in terms of user acceptance and impact on reducing dropout rates.