Adore’20 symposium focuses on learning analytics approaches for reducing student dropout in higher education. Symposium’s goal is twofold:

  • To create a community of stakeholders in order to share expertise, receive feedback and communicate lessons learnt from the design, adoption and application of data-driven practices for addressing dropouts in Higher Education
  • To contribute in building a knowledge base of successful practices that are essential for the adoption of learning and institutional analytics..

We aim to bring together established research practices from various contexts (countries, institutions, domains), building a knowledge base of successful paradigms (e.g. analytical approaches and decision making strategies) and sharing the lessons learnt during the process of addressing student dropouts in Higher Education.

The symposium will host paper presentations along with poster and demo sessions. Additionally, we aim to engage participants in semi-structured, round table discussions regarding ways to address dropouts in HE and specifically on the following directions: student-centered, participatory design, generalizability and transferability, ethics and data privacy, impact and added-value.


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